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Pluriton satisfies the global demand for poultry. We specialise in the export of premium quality hatching eggs and day-old chicks from layer and broiler breeds. These eggs and day-old chicks are supplied by our own hatcheries and breeder farms and are exported to poultry farmers all over the world.

We believe in a healthy future for the generations of today and tomorrow. Every day, we create the foundations of a BRIGHT NEW LIFE.

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Layer breeds

Pluriton supplies the world’s three most popular layer breeds worldwide: H&N, Hy-Line and Lohmann. These top breeds are characterised by superior egg laying persistency and low mortality rates.


Broiler breeds

Pluriton supplies broilers from Ross, Cobb and Hubbard. These varieties belong to the international elite. Combined with the outstanding quality of our broiler hatching eggs, this forms the foundation for viable and healthy broilers.



Pluriton has five branches in Europe. We always use the most efficient transport methods from these sites to ensure that our hatching eggs and day-old chicks arrive at their destinations all around the world in optimal condition.

Every day create the foundations of a BRIGHT NEW LIFE


Pluriton and Broederij van Gent enter into an exclusive collaboration

14 June 2024

Pluriton, distributor (hatchery and rearing integration) of hatching eggs, day-old chicks and pullets of, among others, the laying breeds H&N Brown Nick, H&N Super…

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‘Working with passion to deliver a good, healthy chick’

11 April 2024

Jip van den Broek is proud to be the 3rd generation to work at the hatchery in Afferden (L.). In cooperation with Pluriton, Van…

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Sharing the same passion

14 March 2024

As Pluriton, we make an important contribution to the innovative and progressive poultry sector. And we do this together with poultry farmers in a…

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Pluriton In Europe

Pluriton Netherlands bv

Postweg 146
6741 MN Lunteren
The Netherlands
VAT: NL859946988.B01
REG: 74556630

Pluriton Hungary Kft.

Zrínyi u.11.
9024 Győr
VAT: HU26133777
REG: 0809034049

Pluriton Belgium BV

Schotelven 111
2370 Arendonk
VAT: BE0678.761.260
REG: 0678.761.260

Pluriton Turkey

Mansuroğlu Mahallesi Ankara Caddesi No:81/10
35535 Bayraklı İzmir
VAT: 7300695044
REG: 211877

Pluriton Poland Sp. z o.o.

Lewkowiec 60 A
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
VAT: PL781-199-85-79
REG: 0000796283

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