Sharing the same passion

As Pluriton, we make an important contribution to the innovative and progressive poultry sector. And we do this together with poultry farmers in a transparent and sustainable way. We believe in a healthy future for our current and future generations. At the sector days in 2024, there was ample opportunity for dialogue.

Henk and Bettina Bosch have a laying farm in Laren (Gld) with 12,000 organic hens and roosters. Previously Henk and Bettina had mink and since 3 years they have taken up the challenge with a poultry branch. “A breeding farm is also just a little bit different from other farms and that makes the work fun.”

Getting on the same train together

Harm-Jan Schreurs keeps 50,000 laying parent animals in Zalk (Ov.) Son Benardo came along to the sector days in Nijkerk and would like to continue with the poultry business in the future. Humanity and cooperation is high on the list of the Schreurs family business and that connects the poultry company with Pluriton. “Since 2009, we have been working together with Pluriton. We are on the train together and because of this, our poultry farm has grown in steps to the current numbers of animals and we are going for a future for the next generation.”

Benardo and Harm-Jan Schreurs
Henk en Bettina Bosch

"Together with Pluriton, we share the same passion for animals and entrepreneurship."